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XRPL Embraces Decentralized Trading Revolution with Automated Market Maker (AMM) Upgrade”

Entering a new chapter, XRPL, the Ripple blockchain, is set to undergo a major transformation with the introduction of the Automated Market Maker (AMM) functionality to its platform. This crucial update, backed by an overwhelming 85.7% consensus among stakeholders, is scheduled to be activated on the mainnet within the next 14 days.

Community Applauds Progressive Move:

Many within the cryptocurrency community laud this development as a progressive step towards realizing the vision of the Value Internet. The integration of AMM positions XRPL at the forefront of decentralized trading and exchange.

Decentralized Trade Revolution:

The addition of AMM functionality represents a groundbreaking enhancement to the XRP Ledger, fundamentally altering how trading and value exchange take place. By creating liquidity pools for asset pairs (tokens or XRP), anyone can contribute liquidity, earn a proportionate share of profits, and share in exchange rate risks.

Integration with Existing XRPL Decentralized Exchange: This feature has been seamlessly integrated with XRPL’s existing decentralized exchange, bolstering its capabilities. Each AMM in the ledger will have a dedicated account to manage its assets and issue “LP Tokens” for liquidity providers based on their deposits. These tokens empower liquidity providers to vote on AMM trading fees. Furthermore, users can bid on these tokens to gain discounted trading fees for a limited period.

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Divergent Perspectives:

While the benefits of the upgrade are believed to outweigh its costs, there are divergent opinions within the community. Former Ripple CTO David Schwartz, who is now the Chief Technology Officer, previously stated that opposition to the AMM upgrade was akin to opposing XRPL’s growth. Conversely, concerns have been raised about the potential impact of the upgrade on network performance, with some likening it to “adding self-driving capability to a car incapable of creating a GPS route without collision.”

Consideration of Long-Term Impact:

Schwartz clarified that the primary impact of AMM focuses on CPU consumption, a less critical resource compared to ledger space, storage input/output units, and network bandwidth. Addressing queries about the long-term impact of AMMs, Schwartz anticipates that while they will provide yield and liquidity to the blockchain, they are unlikely to dominate traditional market makers on centralized exchanges in the near future.

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