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RippleX Engineer Proposes Overhaul of XRPLF Governance Structure

A prominent engineer at RippleX, Fueling, has initiated a comprehensive reform proposal for the governance structure of the XRP Ledger Foundation (XRPLF). The proposal suggests introducing a more formal membership structure and a new mechanism for electing the Foundation’s board of directors. Fueling’s motivation stems from his observations of dissatisfaction within the community, emphasizing the need for a more decentralized and democratic organization.

Fueling clarified that his proposal is a personal initiative, not endorsed by Ripple, and aims to address the notable lack of individual voices within the XRP community. The proposal sheds light on the crucial role of XRPLF in managing essential resources such as websites, GitHub repositories, and infrastructure, making it an ideal ground for experimentation to enhance community participation.

XRP Community’s Reaction

The XRP community has expressed concerns regarding the potential ramifications of XRPLF lacking self-governance, fearing it could lead to adverse actions. Additionally, criticism was directed at the creation of different membership tiers, suggesting it could foster division and discrimination.

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Wietse Wind, developer of the Xumm wallet and a key figure at XRPL Labs, responded to the raised concerns, stating that XRPLF would carefully study the options, frameworks, and feasibility.

This proposal has sparked widespread discussion, with some questioning the necessity of change. Crypto Eri, a well-known member of the XRP community, raised doubts about the proposed alterations, leading the community to grapple with whether the changes suggested by Fueling are necessary or if alternative solutions should be explored. The ongoing debate revolves around the purpose of XRPLF and who should define it, prompting members to express their opinions on the envisioned enhanced entity governed by its members.

As discussions intensify, the community remains vigilant, wary of potential impacts on the future governance of the XRP ecosystem.

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