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BCB Group Transfers Crypto Wallets to Metaco’s Digital Asset Custody Platform”

The collaboration between Ripple and IBM Cloud’s Hyper Protect Crypto Services through Metaco sheds light on the growing demand for secure digital asset infrastructure.

Oliver Tonkin, CEO of BCB Group, emphasizes the crucial role of partnership in maintaining BCB’s leading position in digital assets.

BCB Group, an innovative leader in economic payment activities and digital asset trading, is transferring its electronic asset custody activities to Metaco, a globally renowned company in digital asset custody platforms. This deal was unveiled on Tuesday during the Metaco event held on the Ripple custody platform. CBC Group has committed to enhancing compliance, security, and flexibility at an appropriate level.

BCB Group Enhances Access through Metaco Transfer

BCB Group’s positive transition from external cryptocurrency wallets to Metaco is enhancing their portfolio significantly. They are relinquishing custody tasks to various platforms, a move poised to greatly expand BCB Group’s market reach. Key drivers include improved operational speed, security, and processes, especially concerning digital asset encryption.

BCB Group’s joining of Ripple Metaco in this project and adoption of IBM Cloud’s Hyper Protect Crypto Services indicate a high demand for secure and reliable infrastructure in the cryptocurrency realm. Oliver Tonkin, CEO and co-founder of BCB Group, concludes, “This partnership is crucial for us,” noting his active role in maintaining BCB as a distinguished player in the digital asset ecosystem by providing efficient and secure services at a low cost.

Additionally, Tonkin supports BCB Group’s pursuit of relevant regulatory licenses. He points out that the updated infrastructure allows obtaining licenses from the French Prudential Supervisory Authority for electronic money institutions and digital asset services. This means that BCB Group complies with legal expectations when delivering services.

The partnership between Ripple and Metaco is revolutionizing the financial transfer space. Aaron Seres, Senior Vice President of Global Clients and Successful Partners at Ripple, believes that the partnership with Ripple is exciting due to its prospects for transforming the remittance industry. He explains that Metaco’s retention of a rich, flexible, and secure model helps companies explore its benefits in the digital age. The product is already being used alongside many other legal and secure software platforms globally, likely to expand to include more jurisdictions.

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Last May, Ripple acquired Metaco for $250 million, which, in turn, was involved in asset management services. This ongoinطg proposition by Ripple not only shows  Ripple’s continued efforts to provide enhanced solutions for the banking sector but also includes the solution Standard Chartered Zodia Custody. Ripple tasked Metaco with the role of BCB Group. As an electronic asset platform, Metaco is the best choice.
Metaco’s custody platform enters the digital asset market space – the most anticipated event in BCB Group’s digital asset participation phase. This infographic outlines some of the key functions of enterprise operations such as safety, automation, and expanding the scope of digital asset management that rely on digital-based asset management systems.

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