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XRP Ledger Witnesses Record Number of Whales as Activity Surges”

According to a recent report by data aggregator Santiment, the XRP Ledger has seen the emergence of the largest number of whales in over a decade. Additionally, another significant milestone has been achieved over the past three years.

Meanwhile, activity among XRP whales is on the rise, with hundreds of millions of XRP being transferred to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges this week.

Surge in XRP Whale Count

A recent tweet from Santiment reveals that the XRP Ledger now hosts 5.02 million wallets holding more than zero XRP. The report emphasizes that this is the largest number of whale addresses in over 10 years of public XRP trading.

Comparatively, as of January 31st, the total number of wallets containing more than zero XRP was 1.5 million, according to Santiment. The sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, XRP, has more than doubled these wallets over the past three years, expanding the network by over 104%.

XRP Listing on Gemini

Earlier this week, the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, founded and operated by the Winklevoss twins, finally announced the listing of XRP after several days of teasing this new addition to their lineup.

On January 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, the exchange’s Twitter account posted intriguing messages such as “Don’t forget XRP,” “Excited about XRP,” and “xriving soon.” The cryptocurrency community was puzzled until the exchange revealed the true meaning behind their tweets. Perpetual contracts are a type of widely used derivatives allowing traders to bet on the price of the underlying cryptocurrency without a specified expiration date. Besides XRP/GUSD, Gemini offers the following perpetual contracts – BTC/GUSD, ETH/GUSD, and PEPE/GUSD.

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Max Keiser Predicts XRP Price to Reach $0.01

Max Keiser, a prominent Bitcoin and altcoin critic, recently delved into XRP to make extremely bearish predictions, describing XRP as “centralized garbage.” In a tweet published a week ago, he mentioned expecting XRP to reach $0.01. Later, he posted another tweet stating that XRP is on the verge of reaching zero against Bitcoin.

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