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Warning to DOGE Holders: Major Contributor Mishaboar Issues Caution Following Recent Breach

Renowned contributor to DOGE, Mishaboar, with significant influence in the Dogecoin community, has issued a substantial warning to DOGE holders in the aftermath of a recent breach. The compromised wallet has now been recovered after falling victim to cybercriminals.

“Targets for Intruders and Scammers”

The Dogecoin contributor expressed his belief that the original meme-inspired cryptocurrency, DOGE, and its holders will remain “prime targets for intruders and scammers.” According to Mishaboar, the primary reason for this is the significant popularity of DOGE among cryptocurrency beginners.

He also called on Twitter for support, urging them to temporarily suspend accounts that have been reported for fraudulent activities by other Twitter users.

The contributor also commented on the breach of the MyDoge wallet earlier in the day. According to Mishaboar’s tweet, the infiltrators seized control of the MyDoge wallet’s Twitter account through a left-over authorization from the previous breach.

Warning to New Dogecoin Holders

The perpetrators published an invitation to the Dogecoin community, urging them to send their DOGE to a specific wallet to reclaim double the amount. As of now, the DOGE contributor mentioned that access has been regained and seized from the infiltrators.

In this regard, Mishaboar shared basic security rules for cryptocurrency beginners who are venturing into the field using Dogecoin. Regardless of the account promoting scam offers, it is crucial not to send DOGE, even from giveaways or promises of doubling the sent DOGE. Never link your wallets to ETH/SOL/DOGE or any other cryptocurrency for airdrop receptions, NFTs, or similar items. Additionally, it is highly important not to share your passphrase with anyone.

Dogecoin Network Rapid Expansion

Earlier today, the IntoTheBlock chart revealed that the Dogecoin network is experiencing significant expansion, with the continuous emergence of new wallets. Over the past week, there has been a remarkable 1100% growth in this metric.

On January 29, a one-day increase of 247,240 DOGE wallets was observed, marking a record-breaking surge in the network’s history.

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