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Whale Alert Reveals Massive DOGE Transfers from Robinhood Platform

Whale Alert, a prominent blockchain analytics company specializing in tracking large cryptocurrency transactions from both cryptocurrency exchanges and retail/institutional investors, has reported a significant amount of DOGE being transferred from the renowned investment platform Robinhood.

Over the past 24 hours, it was discovered that hundreds of millions of DOGE were moved from the aforementioned trading and investment platform. The data source mentioned above published two tweets sharing that two transactions of 150,000,000 DOGE each were withdrawn from Robinhood and sent to an unknown wallet -1wwKF.

According to the blockchain data, over the past few days, this unknown whale not only received these two transfers totaling 150 million DOGE but also absorbed numerous other massive crypto transactions, including 30,000,000, 101,426, and 34,179,255 DOGE. Additionally, on April 13, the wallet also saw inflows of 350,000,000 and 34,584,043 Dogecoins.

On April 12, it received 150,000,000 and 46,278,481 DOGE after receiving 89,550,689 on April 8. At the time of writing, this unknown whale holds a total of 2,478,699,463 DOGE, approximately valued at $388,808,797.

Elon Musk Shows Support for DOGE with a New Tweet

Elon Musk, the beloved meme enthusiast, shared his rendition of the famous “Biggus Dickus” joke from the comedy film Monty Python’s Life of Brian released in 1979. The image posted by Musk depicts two characters from the mentioned film, one being a member of the Roman legion (portraying “Elon Musk”) and the other a member of the Roman Senate (portraying “Mainstream Media”). The legion member can barely contain his laughter while listening to the senator, mirroring the tech mogul’s apparent amusement at DOGE entering the top ten cryptocurrencies list.

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Despite past criticisms from mainstream media not only towards Bitcoin but also its satirical counterpart DOGE, Musk now reverses his stance and speaks about it as if it were serious, albeit perhaps inadvertently trivial.

Following this tweet, the value of the original cryptocurrency briefly rose by 4%. In the past, three or four years ago, the impact of Musk’s tweets on Dogecoin’s price was much greater and lasted longer.

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