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Urgent Warning to Enthusiastic Community: Exercise Caution When Clicking Links from Prominent Accounts Promising Unexpected Rewards

In a Twitter update aptly named “Warning Update,” one of the Shiba Inu team members, under the pseudonym X, cautions Shiba Inu users against clicking on links from prominent accounts promising unexpected rewards, as these could potentially be from compromised accounts. They urge users not to link their wallets to any websites shared by these accounts.

This advice comes in the wake of a series of hacking incidents targeting well-known personalities and projects within the ecosystem. Lucy reported one such incident related to the Mantra Protocol, an NFT marketplace on Shibarium suspected of having X’s account compromised. She advises against interacting with the Mantra Protocol’s X handle until further notice and encourages the Shiba Inu community to stay safe.

Lucy’s primary warning emphasizes the importance of vigilance and skepticism, especially when dealing with offers that seem too good to be true. Shiba Inu users are urged to double-check sources and avoid engaging with any suspicious content, regardless of the allure of the proposition.

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In positive news for the Shiba Inu community, Shib Names has officially launched, making it accessible to everyone. Shib Names, an official identity service for Web3 communities and Shiba Inu’s partner, teases some exciting new developments planned for the coming weeks, including the addition of wallet maps and the launch of the D3 Marketplace, where users will be able to buy and sell offerings on Shib Names.

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