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Shibarium Achieves Milestone Integration with BlueBit Exchange, Fueling Growth and Accessibility”

Shibarium, the layer two expansion solution for the Shiba Inu ecosystem, has reached a new stage of integration. The platform has successfully processed over 412 million transactions, indicating growing adoption and functionality.

BlueBit Exchange, a centralized exchange based in Dubai and St. Vincent, announced an exciting collaboration with the SHIB community. This partnership aims to bridge the SHIB and Sparrows communities, leading to greater achievements together.

As part of this initiative, BlueBit has successfully integrated Shibarium, providing BlueBit users access to a wide range of digital assets and advanced blockchain solutions. With major cryptocurrency exchanges playing a pivotal role in its visibility and usability, Shibarium aims to attract a broader audience of users and investors.

The recent integration of Shibarium has sparked excitement in the wider cryptocurrency community. The official Shiba Inu X handle enthusiastically responded to this significant event, reflecting the platform’s potential for future growth.

Shibarium has rapidly gained traction since its launch in late August 2023, surpassing 3.8 million total blocks and 412 million total transactions. As of now, Shibarium has processed a total of 412,407,305 transactions, with total blocks reaching 3,825,223 and wallet addresses totaling 1,383,613. However, Shibarium has reported declines in its daily transaction count, which dropped to 6,700.

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In response to increasing activity and potential security risks associated with rapid growth, the Shiba Inu development team has taken proactive steps to protect the platform. Shiba Inu will integrate fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) into its framework, providing greater data privacy and security. Additionally, the approach involving self-sovereign identity (SSI) will empower users with full control over their data.

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