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Solana Blockchain Faces Major Disruption: Technical Glitch Raises Questions on Network Reliability”

On February 6, the Solana blockchain network experienced a significant outage that persisted for approximately five hours. This disruption brought to light fundamental technical issues within the network infrastructure, prompting a thorough investigation by Solana engineering teams and raising concerns about the network’s reliability and decentralization.

Technical Collapse: Solana, designed to handle just-in-time (JIT) memory storage for smart contracts, encountered a critical error leading to an infinite loop of recompilation for specific programs deployed using legacy loading tools, effectively halting the network. The issue was exacerbated by the recent transition of the network to a new system for managing cache memory, aiming to reduce redundancy and enhance efficiency. However, this unintentionally exposed vulnerabilities exploited during the incident.

Swift Response and Resolution: Solana’s response to the disruption was rapid, with engineers identifying and implementing a fix within hours. The solution involved deploying a software update (version 1.17.20) that disabled the weak legacy loading tools to prevent similar issues in the future.

READ MORE Solana Blockchain Faces Major Disruption: Technical Glitch Raises Questions on Network Reliability”

Market Reaction and Future Implications: The outage had a temporary impact on Solana’s market position, witnessing a slight dip in the value of its native token, SOL. However, the quick recovery and transparency in addressing the issue alleviated long-term concerns. This event reignited discussions on the trade-offs between scalability, security, and decentralization in blockchain networks.

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