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Solana (SOL) Chart Analysis: Breakout Potential and Key Price Levels

Ready for an epic surge if a specific chart pattern is confirmed.

The model consists of a descending parallel channel, drawn by connecting the lower highs and lower lows, featuring parallel trend lines indicating the downward trend.

Solana (SOL) may witness a significant breakthrough when the price breaches the upper or lower boundaries of the channel, signifying a stronger indicator. When this occurs, the price may move swiftly and sharply in the direction of the breakout.

Adding to this, if SOL manages to maintain levels above $94, there’s a substantial opportunity for an upward move towards $113, according to Ali’s analysis.

According to Ali, it appears that Solana is breaking out of the descending parallel channel. Observing a descending parallel channel on the four-hour chart for Solana indicates a very short-term price decline.

There are two potential scenarios regarding the descending channel: if the movement aligns with the previous trend, the descending channel acts as a continuation pattern. If the movement goes against the previous trend, the descending channel might signal a reversal.

In the bigger picture, SOL is still in an upward trend. Recently, SOL has consistently risen since reaching $78.87 on January 23, gearing up for its fourth consecutive day of progress on January 26.

If an upward scenario unfolds and SOL surpasses $113, as anticipated by Ali, it may approach the next resistance level at $126.11, aligning with previous highs in December 2023.

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A breakthrough above this level could lead to a new high, potentially surpassing $200, a level not seen since January 2022. Currently, SOL has experienced a 0.37% decrease in the past 24 hours, trading at $97.61.

On the flip side, the next support level to monitor is $78, which recently served as a strong demand zone. A breakthrough below $78 would confirm a negative trend, potentially taking the price down to $67.

On the other hand, if SOL prices decline… [continuation of analysis].

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