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Shibarium, Linked to Shib a Inu, Surpasses 400 Million Transactions, Demonstrating Growing Adoption in Cryptocurrency Space

Shibarium, the second-layer blockchain associated with Shib a Inu, has exceeded a significant milestone by processing over 400 million transactions. This achievement stands as a prominent indicator of the network’s increasing adoption and utilization within the digital currency realm.

Lucy, the Marketing Director, reported that the network’s transaction count reached 400,253,293, showcasing its ability to handle high volumes of activity seamlessly. Despite early challenges, including a two-week internet outage, Shibarium swiftly recovered, outpacing other prominent second-layer networks by achieving over a million addresses faster.

Shibarium’s Rapid Growth and Resilience:

The second-layer blockchain, Shibarium, affiliated with Shib a Inu, has surpassed a crucial threshold by processing more than 400 million transactions. This accomplishment serves as a significant milestone, reaffirming its growing adoption and usage in the digital currency space.

According to Lucy, the Marketing Director for Shib a Inu, the network reached a total of 400,096,901 transactions earlier today, with the count rising to 400,253,293 by the time of publication. This rapid increase in transactions highlights the network’s capability to handle a large volume of activity, despite a notable decline in daily transactions earlier in the year.

Challenges and Triumphs in Shibarium’s Journey:

Shibarium’s journey to this point has been marked by challenges and successes. Launched on the mainnet less than seven months ago, the network faced disruption when it lost internet connectivity for two weeks. However, it made a remarkable comeback, achieving over a million addresses within 18 days of relaunch—a faster rate than other prominent second-layer networks such as zkSync, Optimism, and Arbitrum. This flexibility and rapid growth showcase the network’s potential and community enthusiasm for its success.

Driving Factors for Shibarium’s Growth:

Several factors have contributed to Shibarium’s success, including low transaction fees and strong support from the Shib a Inu community. Shibarium boasts low transaction costs, as low as 0.0000219 BONE (0.000021 USD), making it an attractive option for users seeking cost-effective transactions on the blockchain network. This cost-effectiveness, compared to the high fees associated with blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum, serves as a significant draw for both users and developers, increasing the network’s adoption and activity levels.

Furthermore, the dedicated Shib a Inu community played a pivotal role in promoting Shibarium adoption. Driven by their enthusiasm for Shib a Inu projects, community members actively encouraged others to use the network, contributing to the rapid growth in transaction volume. This collective effort not only enhanced Shibarium’s user base but also facilitated the deployment of a diverse range of applications on the network, including a total of 15,553 smart contracts and 9,316 unique tokens.

Current Status and Future Outlook of Shibarium:

Despite a decrease in daily transactions from a peak of 5-7.5 million to approximately 1.81 million at present, Shibarium’s overall performance remains robust. The network boasts significant achievements, including a record total of 3.54 million blocks, an average block time of 5.0 seconds, 1.36 million wallets, and 65,130 total accounts. Additionally, Shibarium’s Total Value Locked (TVL) currently exceeds one million USD, with a peak of 2.25 million USD observed on March 5, further indicating the network’s financial and operational safety.

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Looking ahead, Shibarium’s low fee structure and community support position it well for sustained growth and broader adoption within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With the network’s evolution and expansion of its offerings, it has the potential to attract more users and developers, likely setting new records and achieving greater milestones in the future. Shibarium’s progress serves as a testament to the dynamic nature of the blockchain industry and the potential for innovative networks to emerge and thrive, even in the face of challenges.

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