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Cryptocurrency Analyst Miles Deutcher Explores Artificial Intelligence in Recent Tweet

In a recent tweet, cryptocurrency analyst Miles Deutcher delved into the realm of artificial intelligence, sharing his predictions on the continued expansion of AI, particularly in the cryptocurrency sector.

AI in the Cryptocurrency Sector

Deutcher introduced a significant metric, naming it the “DOGE meme dominance scale,” where the DOGE meme coin outperforms the entire artificial intelligence cryptocurrency sector.

DOGE surpassed all AI-related cryptocurrencies, unveiling a “big secret” surrounding AI currencies. Deutcher anticipates artificial intelligence and the products powered by it to become one of the biggest bubbles in financial market history, presenting a “trillion-dollar value opportunity.”

While acknowledging the potential for a financial bubble, Deutcher highlighted the sector’s offering of a “trillion-dollar value opportunity.”

Additionally, he views AI currencies as “excellent agents in major AI events and conferences” and expects this trend to persist in the near future.

The analyst also revealed his skepticism about the authenticity of all “AI-based cryptocurrencies,” suggesting that not all of them incorporate actual AI technology. According to Deutcher’s data, artificial intelligence currently ranks 20th in terms of sector size, with a total value slightly lower than Dogecoin’s market cap.

Deutcher believes that in the next few years, artificial intelligence will ascend into the top 5-0 sectors.

Expanding Reach of AI-Driven Crypto Scams:

As artificial intelligence technology advances daily, cryptocurrency developers aren’t the only ones benefiting; scammers in the crypto space are also taking advantage. Instances of scammers creating deepfake videos featuring prominent figures in the cryptocurrency world have emerged. This includes Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Cardano blockchain founder Charles Hoskinson.

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The striking resemblance of these deepfake videos to real personalities is noteworthy, and according to Hoskinson, in the next few years, deepfakes generated by artificial intelligence will become exceedingly complex, making it nearly impossible to distinguish between fake and reality.


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