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Billy Markus, Co-Founder of Dogecoin, Offers Insights on Cryptocurrency Trading and Long-Term Investments

Billy Markus, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency community as one of the founders of the largest meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin, is a frequent user of social media platforms, particularly X/Twitter, where he often tweets in a satirical manner or shares memes exclusively.

Today, Markus touched on the topic of cryptocurrency trading and its profitability. In his previous tweets, Markus has expressed several times his skepticism towards cryptocurrency trading and long-term investments.

Hunting for cryptocurrency traders on X/Twitter

Today, one of Billy Markus’s tweets contained a screenshot with a comment saying, “My friend was losing money in trading until he bought a second screen. And now, he’s losing money twice as fast.” Although cryptocurrencies were not mentioned, Markus typically comments on the cryptocurrency space, rarely diverting his attention to traditional assets.

In his previous tweets over the past two years, Dogecoin creator Markus has stated multiple times that he does not believe in specific factors causing cryptocurrency prices to rise or fall. According to his perspective, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular, are extremely volatile, and no one truly knows the reason behind sudden rises or falls in Bitcoin’s value.

The cryptocurrency community greatly enjoyed his aforementioned tweet, leaving a slew of comments underneath it. Dogecoin’s founders did not become wealthy from DOGE

According to a statement made by Markus on X/Twitter a few years ago, creating Dogecoin did not make him or co-founder Jackson Palmer rich or even bring them any substantial amount of money.

This was a side project for both founders, and they created DOGE for fun and satire purposes only, according to Markus. However, he noted that modern meme coins are mostly created by developers to generate profits. In a recent tweet, Markus mentioned that many meme coins do not even require developers and take less than an hour to create.

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Despite this post about not profiting from DOGE, which was published in 2022, Markus continued to frequently tweet to dispel rumors about his wealth. He even once revealed the amount of Bitcoin he owns, proving it to be 0.006 Bitcoin and 220,000 Doge.

Markus also does not hold a high opinion on holding cryptocurrencies, as he clarified in a recent tweet.

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