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Whale Alert: Ethereum Addresses Awakening After Years of Dormancy”

“The activation of Whale Alert, a cryptocurrency tracking service, revealed a historic event—an old Ethereum mining address containing 100 ETH, valued at approximately $262,757, came to life after 8.5 years of dormancy.”

A Wave of Giants Rising”

“This recent awakening is not an isolated incident. Over the past few months, several dormant Ethereum addresses have sprung to life, resulting in substantial Ethereum movements and causing ripples across the cryptocurrency landscape.”

“On February 4, another address holding 100 Ethereum, worth $230,159, was activated after 8.5 years. Similarly, addresses containing 492 Ethereum ($1.1 million), 133 Ethereum ($329,492), and 200 Ethereum ($506,140) were also reactivated.”

“One of the most astonishing reactivations occurred on December 23, 2023, when an address containing 11,640 Ethereum, valued at $26.4 million, was activated after 8.4 years of dormancy.”

The Major Move by Ethereum Co-founder”

“Adding to the intrigue, Ethereum co-founder Jeffrey Wilcke recently transferred a significant amount—4300 ETH, equivalent to approximately $10.7 million—to the Kraken exchange.”

“This significant transaction by a key figure in the Ethereum community sparked a wide range of reactions and speculations.

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“This move follows transactions by other prominent figures like Vitalik Buterin and activities involving the Ethereum Foundation.”

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