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U.S. Department of Energy Temporarily Suspends Cryptocurrency Mining Energy Consumption Survey

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has temporarily halted its controversial survey on cryptocurrency mining energy consumption following a legal challenge from Riot Blockchain and the Texas Blockchain Council.

The court ruled against the actions of the Department of Energy, labeling them as arbitrary, and ordered an evaluation of the environmental impact by isolating the collected data.

The DOE has temporarily suspended its contentious survey aimed at assessing energy consumption in cryptocurrency mining operations. This decision comes in the wake of legal challenges from industry participants, including Riot Blockchain, a leading mining company, and the Texas Blockchain Council.

The suspension was revealed in a recent filing with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, Waco. The Energy Information Administration (EIA), a branch of the Department of Energy responsible for the survey, affirmed that they would isolate the already collected data and cease further data collection efforts for the time being.

Initiative to Monitor Bitcoin Mining Energy Use Sparks Immediate Criticism:

An initiative to monitor the energy use of Bitcoin miners began earlier this month, triggering immediate criticism from the mining community and some U.S. lawmakers. They argued that the survey was invasive, lacked a solid legal or regulatory basis, and was motivated more by political considerations than genuine concerns about energy consumption.

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Court Rules in Favor of the Mining Sector:

The controversy peaked when Riot Platforms, formerly known as Riot Blockchain, and the Texas Blockchain Council filed a lawsuit against the Department of Energy, asserting that the survey was not only unnecessary but also illegal. The court, in its ruling on February 23, sided with the plaintiffs. It criticized the actions of the Department of Energy, describing them as arbitrary and capricious, constituting an abuse of discretionary authority. As a result, a temporary restraining order was issued, halting the survey in its tracks and directing an environmental impact assessment by isolating the collected data.

This court decision has been welcomed by various stakeholders in the cryptocurrency industry. Advocates have long argued that the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining should be considered in context, and this sector should not be singled out for scrutiny compared to other energy-intensive industries.

Implications and Industry Response:

The Energy Information Administration stated that it would not enforce any submission requirements or impose penalties related to the suspended survey until March 22, 2024. This move has provided a temporary reprieve for Bitcoin miners, who expressed concerns about potential discriminatory treatment. Environmental scientists and industry watchdogs, such as Daniel Patton, have highlighted the need for a balanced approach to energy consumption across all sectors, criticizing what they perceive as a double standard in dealing with Bitcoin data centers compared to those used for artificial intelligence and other purposes.

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