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Shiba Inu Team Leaders Boost Community Morale as SHIB Coin Surges

The leader of the Shiba Inu team, known by the alias “X,” took to Twitter/X to address the SHIB army with an encouraging tweet. The main developer, Cal, also echoed the sentiment, celebrating a remarkable 38.87% surge in the coin’s value today.

These exciting tweets come at a time when the SHIB meme coin has gained momentum, with figures like Kusama and Dhairya addressing the SHIB community. Both Kusama and Dhairya shared an animated GIF image, sending an enthusiastic rallying cry to the SHIB community – “LFG!” (a common abbreviation on Twitter/X, meaning “Let’s [expletive] go”).

These tweets were shared as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, SHIB, experienced an astonishing 38% surge today. Following this surge, there was a slight pullback, but SHIB remains above the $0.00002 level, currently changing hands at $0.00002153.

The impressive increase marked by this renowned meme coin in the last 24 hours is staggering, standing at 71.53%. Over the past week, SHIB has seen massive growth, surging by 125.51%. SHIB followed the recent surge of Bitcoin, which reached $64,000 earlier this week amid increasing Bitcoin purchases by Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) providers.

Shibarium Achieves Significant Milestone

The Layer-2 network created by the SHIB team on Ethereum, known as Shibarium, has achieved a tremendous milestone. The total number of transactions has surpassed 390 million, reaching 390,852,737.

Regarding daily trading volume, it continues to fluctuate within a range of 2.5 million, experiencing occasional ups and downs. This marks a halving of the scale since February 20 and 22 when this metric peaked at 4.21 million and 3.93 million daily transactions, respectively.

SHIB ETF Petition Gains Traction

Over the past week, this document has gathered 3,120 votes, reaching its first milestone of 5,000 votes.

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Earlier this week, the SHIB community initiated a petition on Grayscale, one of the companies that recently launched a Bitcoin ETF fund, has successfully converted its Bitcoin Trust into an immediate BTC fund that tracks Bitcoin’s price, allowing investors to capitalize on its movements.

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