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Shiba Inu Hits Milestone with Four Million Addresses as Price Movement Draws Attention”

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has achieved a remarkable milestone, reaching a total of four million addresses, according to data from IntoTheBlock.

The term “total addresses” in this context refers to all addresses that have ever held SHIB, including those that no longer do. To simplify, total addresses are those that have contained SHIB at some point, whether they still do or not.

This significant achievement underscores the growing reliance and interest in SHIB, marking a pivotal moment in its journey within the cryptocurrency market.

In this regard, the total number of SHIB addresses with a balance has risen to 1.3 million. Typically, an increase in the number of addresses with a balance is a positive indicator, suggesting a stronger and growing user base.

Looking ahead, reaching four million total addresses may pave the way for continued growth and innovation within the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

With the expansion of the community and the emergence of new use cases, Shiba Inu appears well-positioned to capitalize on available opportunities to increase adoption and integration into the broader digital economy.

Price Movement of Shiba Inu:

Cryptocurrencies dipped late on Tuesday after a loss of optimism following Monday’s rise. The echo of Bitcoin’s decline reverberated across the cryptocurrency markets, with several cryptocurrencies reporting losses at the time of publication.

Shiba Inu declined by 3.13% over the past 24 hours to $0.00002783, after hitting its lowest levels of the day at $0.00002684.

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It is building resistance near $0.00002953, where the price failed to surpass this level on two occasions, April 8th and 9th. A confirmed breakthrough of the mentioned level may lead to further upside for SHIB, potentially reaching $0.00003285. On the other hand, if SHIB falls below its current range, it may find support between $0.000025 and $0.000026, where 17,960 addresses bought 2.87 trillion SHIB.

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