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SHIB Community Receives Heartwarming Tweet, Caution Advised Amid Growing Enthusiasm”

In a tweet that resonated powerfully with the SHIB community, posted on February 12, 2024, the message was simple yet impactful: “Love is in the air,” accompanied by a love emoji hinting at the approaching Valentine’s Day. The post featured a heartwarming image of Shiba Inu mascot embracing two puppies, symbolizing love.

Shiba Inu leader, Shitoshi Kusama, echoed a similar sentiment on the Shibarium  Telegram channel: “Love is in the air. Get your heart (and wallet) ready.” This message was met with enthusiasm, with community member Lucy capturing Kusama’s comment and sharing it on the X social media platform.

While the SHIB community is filled with anticipation regarding the love-filled message from the Shiba Inu team, Lucy issued an important warning. Holders of Shiba tokens were urged to join the Discord community to ensure their safety. It was emphasized that they should be cautious as there are no sudden airdrops or unexpected claims. The SHIB community was cautioned about the expected increase in scams and phishing links.

Lucy also emphasized safety measures on social media platforms, urging SHIB community members to verify three times before responding to moderators and never engage in any actions directly through direct messages (DMs). It was stressed that moderators would never send links in DMs.

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Frontier Wallet, a non-custodial unified wallet, announced its support for Shibarium. This move enables users to start trading, staking, and earning BONE, or secure the Shibarium network by registering as validators. The announcement indicates a significant development in the SHIB ecosystem, providing users with additional opportunities for engagement and participation.

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