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Institutional Investors Fuel Bitcoin Demand: Whale Wallets Accumulate BTC Daily

According to a report by WuBlockchain based on CryptoQuant research, there has been a significant daily transfer of Bitcoin to a massive new whale wallet. This surge is likely due to institutional investors purchasing Bitcoin and moving it into custodial wallets. Long-term whale holders have accumulated 70,000 BTC over the past 30 days, with whale demand increasing at a rate of 4.4% per month.

Factors Driving Bitcoin Price Surge

The improving conditions for Bitcoin demand growth point towards a sustained price rise. Several factors contribute to this resurgence in demand, including:

1. **Growth in Major Investors and Permanent Holders**: Traders are observing a faster increase in the aggregated balances of major investors and long-term holders. The conviction among long-term Bitcoin holders is expected to rise.

2. **Daily Inflows of $1 Billion**: Daily investments amounting to $1 billion are being funneled into Bitcoin. This substantial investment highlights how key market participants are becoming more interested and confident in Bitcoin.

3. **New Large Investors Entering the Market**: The influx of new significant investors into Bitcoin is notable. This trend is further supported by increased purchases from US-based spot Bitcoin ETFs, following their approval, which has led to heightened activity and demand.

The approval of Bitcoin ETFs in the US has provided investors with a more convenient way to gain exposure to Bitcoin, further boosting demand. Additionally, the market has seen a reduction in selling pressure, as indicated by the reset of the unrealized profit ratio to 0%, suggesting a new accumulation phase might be beginning.

Since May 20, following the approval of US-based ETH ETFs, Ethereum has also seen a rise in demand. Both Ethereum holders and major long-term investors have increased their ETH purchases, signaling growing confidence in Ethereum as well.

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Despite these encouraging signs for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, the recovery of stablecoin liquidity growth has yet to fully materialize. Nonetheless, the positive market indicators for Bitcoin and Ethereum suggest a favorable outlook moving forward.

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