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Caution Against Cryptocurrency Scams on X (Formerly Twitter) as Fake Airdrop Accounts Surge

Be wary of cryptocurrency scams on X (formerly Twitter); fraudulent Airdrop accounts are on the rise, posing a threat to wallet security.

Dymension and Jupiter are gearing up for significant airdrop events, totaling $210 million and $410 million, respectively. Bitcoin Ordinals users might also qualify for an airdrop.

AltLayer initiates a token airdrop worth $96 million, with Celestia contributors awaiting their share. Notably, AltLayer becomes one of the first protocols to commence a token airdrop exceeding $100 million in the upcoming week. The AltLayer (ALT) token and its claiming process were launched at 9:00 AM UTC on January 25, marking a new era for the project.

Historical Airdrop by AltLayer

AltLayer has commenced its highly anticipated airdrop of distinctive tokens, allocating 300 million ALT tokens in the initial distribution. With an average daily price of $0.32 per distinctive token, the total value of this airdrop stands at approximately $96 million at current market rates. The airdrop aims to provide support and incentives to community members and stakeholders, ultimately boosting adoption and utility for the ALT token.

While AltLayer is now live, contributors to Celestia, who were also expecting to participate, must exercise patience. AltLayer cited “technical differences in the claiming mechanism” as the reason for delaying Celestia participants in the airdrop. Despite the setback, Celestia stakeholders remain eager to seize their portion of the ALT token distribution once the claiming mechanism is resolved.

Upcoming Token Airdrops

AltLayer’s leading airdrop sets the stage for other projects planning to distribute distinctive tokens to eligible claimants in the coming week. Dymension, a multi-layered aggregated publishing tool, prepares to launch its mainnet soon, accompanied by an airdrop of 70 million DYM tokens. The distribution is heavily tilted towards holders of non-transferable tokens from Celestia and Pudgy Penguin, extending to participants on Solana as well.

Unfortunately, Dymension’s claiming period closed on January 21, leaving those who missed the deadline without the opportunity to participate in this substantial airdrop. At current market prices, the value of the DYM airdrop is estimated at around $210 million.

Additionally, the decentralized exchange based on Jupiter Solana reaffirms its plan to introduce the JUP token on January 31. The airdrop is set to distribute a total of one billion JUP tokens, with the current pre-market trading of JUP at approximately $0.41, carrying an approximate value of $410 million. These upcoming distinctive token distributions significantly impact the cryptocurrency landscape.

Potential Airdrop for Bitcoin Ordinals Users

Leônidas, the developer behind Ordinals, announces the launch of “Runestone,” a decentralized fairdrop initiative designed to reward early users of the Ordinals protocol. The cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits details of this airdrop and its eligibility criteria.

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Unfortunately, the platform has become inundated with fraudulent accounts impersonating the official social media pages of recently announced cryptocurrency airdrop companies. These deceptive accounts share pseudo-dent posts and pretend to direct users to “Airdrop Claim” websites, often malicious schemes aimed at draining wallets.

While the allure of distinctive token airdrops is undeniable, cryptocurrency enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to exercise caution when seeking airdrop opportunities on X (formerly Twitter).

As a result, it is crucial for cryptocurrency users to remain vigilant and practice due diligence when encountering information related to airdrops on social media platforms.

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